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Niche Perfumes

All of our perfumes and colognes are carefully crafted in California by our French perfumer in SMALL BATCHES and bottled by hand.


Our Favorites

Bali by Night perfume

This feminine fragrance will get you tons of attention. Charming, sensual and mysterious, the blend dresses the wearer with a silky, soft and creamy layer. The night is yours... ...all year long

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Spring in Kyoto perfume

The feminine blend is very casual, gentle and soft. Spring in Kyoto naturally adds a touch of romance to a fancy dress or a simple pair of jeans. Spring and summer are ideal seasons to wear it. 


"I really enjoyed getting to know the creations of Scent (S)trip Perfume, a small-batch fragrance line founded in early 2021 by Jil Croquet, a French independent perfumer who resides in San Diego, CA"

- Damiana, I sniff before I sleep


Our Values

French Perfumery
Small Batches
Made in U.S.A.
Safe Formula
Award Finalist

Image by Alex Bayev

Our Story

 Since childhood, Jil CROQUET, our French Perfumer based in San Diego, CA has been bewitched by scents. From whispering corridors at the Versailles Palace to enchanting beaches of Bali, she travelled to find the most beautiful smells and raw materials. By blending and bottling them, she creates unique, complex and magical scented experiences. 

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