About Scent (S)trip Perfume

Scent (S)trip Perfume was created from a simple idea; to transport you on a unique journey through time and space while bringing comfort, pleasure, gentleness and peace. Discover exotic countries, different cultures, amazing landscapes and ancient traditions through our smells. Each scent puts a spotlight on one or two ingredients, endemic to a place or an era as a cornerstone of the perfume and builds a story around it, forging lasting memories and genuine emotions. 


All of our products are carefully crafted in California by our French perfumer in small batches and bottled by hand. We include a large proportion of natural ingredients in our blends and use the cleanest, safest and most eco-conscious materials possible, without ever sacrificing product performance or artistry.

We are featured!

Conversation with perfume designer

French conversation about perfume

Thanks to the amazing Rachele Deméo, Scent Strip and its French perfume designer were featured on a Youtube video, check it out!
In this 20 minutes conversation in French, you'll learn more about perfumes and colognes, perfume design, composition, creation, raw materials, etc. 

Interview with Damiana Chiavolini

Damiana is an amazing perfume reviewer and was kind enough to provide her point of view on Scent Strip Perfume creations. It is always so interesting to hear a professional perspective on Niche/Indie work.   

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Interview with Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores is a journalist at the SD Voyager Magazine. She is dedicated to local stories and small businesses. She was amazed to discover there was a French Perfume Creator in her beloved city.

"This project is an amazing adventure for me. I am so glad that people love my work, share their impressions and talk to their friends about my brand. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a community where people are curious, eager to try unique scents and ready to support local small businesses."