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Fresh Morning

This feminine perfume is a casual wear for everyday chill, chic and work. The formula is your best companion for simplicity, authenticity and freshness whatever the season is.

Plato's Tale

This perfume is ideal for both men and women adding a touch of mystery, charm and glamour to date nights, cocktails and black tie parties all year long. Impress your audience with this bold and strong lead choice.

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Kim, CA

I went out on a limb and bought this without smelling it and it is TO DIE FOR! If you like Anais Anais from Cacharel, you will love Spring in Kyoto. I wear this everyday and get so many compliments. I’m kind of picky when it comes to perfumes but this scent is amazing.

Cheryl, AZ

Absolutely love this perfume! Got lots of good comments on how wonderful it was. Will definitely buy again and to try other Scent (S)trip products!

Brooke, OR

Beautiful smell. Long lasting. Definitely a go to scent. The scent is fresh, and elegant.


Niche Perfume

All of our perfumes are carefully crafted in California by our French perfumer in small batches and bottled by hand.