Long ago, an old Sioux had a vision in which a Great Spirit, Iktomi, appeared in the form of a spider. After spinning a web on a twig, Iktomi offered the sacred object, a dreamcatcher to the Sioux to protect their families against bad dreams and create a fertile soil for good ideas as well as peaceful nights.


Dreamcatcher reveals a base of soft Virginian Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Amber to walk you through an old forest of enchanted trees.The heart notes are powdery iris and peony as a nice, pleasant and enfolding dream. Bergamot, lavender and a sensual fig note give lift , sweetness and freshness to the opening. 


This unisex blend has a strong personality and will suit date nights to perfection, especially during Fall and Winter, when it brings warmth and sophistication the best.


  • Handmade in sunny San Diego, CA

    Bottle : 30ml - 1fl.oz.

    Travel Spray : 10ml - 0.34fl.oz.