Ancestors of old times, the cornerstones of the Great Wall of China have seen the birth and decline of countless realms and civilisations. At the feet of the World Wonder, lychee trees are heavy with their fleshy fruits, with some already felt on the ground, their sticky peel touching delicate osmanthus flowers and ginger twisted roots picking out of the wall cracks. 


The fragrance opens with a fresh cut grass impression, sharp and clean, followed by ginger and light spices notes for a very  sophisticated top. The elegant lily of the valley, rose and osmanthus floral heart with the addition of a lychee note soften and round the blend. The musky base brings comfort and linger with the skin for a full scent experience. 


This unisex towards masculine scent is great for cocktail or black tie events, with a soft James Bond vibe to it. It breathes finesse and confidence. This fresh and clean fragrance is best worn in spring and summer.

Great Wall Valley

  • Handmade in sunny San Diego, CA

    30ml - 1fl.oz.

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Fresh Morning

Linda from NY


I really love this perfume. I am a huge fan of rose but have had trouble w/ rose perfumes because I did not care for the other notes that were combined w/ them like peony, or lily of the valley etc.. So I would just wear rose otto oil. The problem w/ wearing essential oils is you only smell that plant and fragrance is about telling a story w/ the many fragrant notes of the perfume. This rose perfume is perfection! It is a beautiful full, lush rose fragrance and it smells like the rose garden after a soft rain as the sun breaks through the clouds. I am wearing it right now and it makes me feel so peaceful, so serene. My husband loves it on me and says I smell feminine and beautiful. This perfume is well worth the price, I loved it so much I bought 2 bottles. Thank you Jil for creating it.

Discovery Set



These Scents are amazing!! I ordered the sample pack and there is a scent for everyone in the family. Will definitely be ordering again! Thank you Jil!

Great Wall Valley

Rena S


Never thought I'd find another signature fragrance. I love its lychee, grass, ginger and floral freshness. People have complimented me on its uniqueness. The fragrance lasts all day for me, into the night. I have had many fragrances throughout the years but this one is a keeper. I love it.