Over 2000 years ago, Alexander the Great raised a new capitale in his name, Alexandria, in the timeless land of Egypt. The radiant city became the intellectual capital of the antique world. The great thinkers of the age from all civilizations came to consult the 700,000 scrolls filling the shelves made in precious woods of the most legendary library of all times. 


Alexandria Library surprises and fascinates with its contrasts: the freshness of the orange blossom sparkles with the spice brought by pink pepper. The blend then lingers on the soft roses, creamy jasmine and geranium. The base balances it all with round, sweet, sensuous and enveloping aromas of amber, vanilla, papyrus, incense and orris roots. 


This unisex blend reflects charisma and shows a strong personality. It displays warm, soft and powdery aspects which will suit date nights all year long.


This is an INTENSE version of the perfume, it displays an old school, complex and ambery vibe.

Library of Alexandria

  • Handmade in sunny San Diego, CA

    Bottle : 30ml - 1fl.oz.

    Travel Spray : 10ml - 0.34fl.oz.