Walk through the meadows surrounding the peaceful canals in Bruges, the little Venice of the North. Listen to the nice breeze playing with the leaves nearby, refreshing the air. Wild flowers and sprigs of lilies of the valley sway in the wind, carrying their soft scents to the laces and clean linen of the neighboring villages, drying in the sun. The nectarines and peaches, hanging on trees, ready to be picked up, punctuate the bucolic landscape with vivid colors creating a perfect impressionist painting.


Juicy and ripe nectarine will make you fall in love with Romance in Bruges at first smell. The silky lily of the valley brings a very delicate and romantic touch to the blend while sweet amber and white musk base notes round up the scent as a soft cuddle.


This feminine perfume is perfect for summer time, and romance. The sweet, light and silky notes will dress the wearer with a gentle and powdery scent, staying close to the skin all day. From an idyllic picnic in the park to a lovely wedding, this perfume will be your best asset to accessorize an elegant outfit.

Romance in Bruges

  • Handmade in sunny San Diego, CA

    Bottle : 30ml - 1fl.oz.

    Travel Spray : 10ml - 0.34fl.oz.